Out Of Office


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Part two of my summer holiday starts today – a few days out of office. Another staycation – this time in my favourite city Copenhagen. Dreaming of new sneakers, a Céline Croissant Charm and a baby blue shopper to accompany me around town.
1. Bag Hereu 2. Shirt Zara 3. Sneakers Adidas by Raf Simons 4. Necklace CVC Stones 5. Jeans Filippa K 6. Sunglasses AJ Morgan 7. Denim Jacket Weekday 8. Charms Céline

Water Drop

After a few days by the seaside my skin is in need of some serious hydration. Dr. Jart+ Water Drop Hydrating Moisturizer is a lightweight moisturiser that features a special emulsion system with droplets packed full of brightening and nourishing ingredients. The formula bursts into tiny water droplets when applied – providing instant hydration. Gently rub on clean skin and pat remaining liquid droplets into skin to absorb. A great extra boost for dehydrated skin.

More Space


Sponsored by Pelican Self Storage

Too many shoes – too little space. I love my apartment to the moon and back, but it doesn’t have any storage – no extra space in the basement or the loft. That leaves me with a lot of boxes filled with stuff that I would normally stow away. So it was without hesitation I said yes to this collaboration, that allows me to try a storage solution away from home. I normally keep all the gear for my styling jobs at my agents office, but last month I decided to go solo and represent myself. So the extra space is much needed. Suitcases filled with shoes, tape, pins and so on take up quite a lot of space I can tell you. The nearest location is only 2 km from me and is open from 5.30 – 00.00 everyday, so I can easily access my stuff when I need it. You get your own key and it’s a s easy as that. The perfect plan for people who (like me) have a hard time saying goodbye to old personal belongings and don’t have an actual need for an office.

Jeg knus elsker min lejlighed – lige bortset fra at der ikke medfølger hverken kælder eller loftsrum. Det betyder seriøs mangel på opbevaring. Efter jeg er gået solo som stylist mangler jeg især plads til alt mit styling gear, som fylder temmelig meget. Heldigvis fandt jeg en løsning hos Pelican Self Storage, som tilbyder opbevaring i København. Det er super nemt og ligetil og den perfekte løsning pt.


Aesop introduces a trio of scents for your home. Aromatique Room Spray comes in three different fragrances – I chose Olous – uplifting green and citrus botanicals mixed with cedar and cardamom. In collaboration with American composer and musician Jesse Paris, Aesop has created a tracks to accompany each room spray – designed to enhance the olfactory experience of the scents. The three tracks are available for complimentary download at aesop.com.



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This Friday my summer holiday begins and I’m staying in Denmark, so I’m hoping for amazing weather. Just in case I’m going to pack a cosy sweater for when the sun sets. Wish all of these items were going in my bag. Especially the bold sunnies.

1. Sweater Chloé 2. Sunglasses Mané Mané 3. Tshirt Mads Nørgaard 4. Bag J. W. Anderson 5. Shirt Off-White 6. Bra Weekday 7. Briefs Weekday 8. Earrings Becca x Peter Jensen 9. Shorts Wood Wood 10. Shoes Marni