Pure Plush

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I try really hard not to be lazy when it comes to cleansing and I prefer to use a brush or a sponge to deep clean before bed. Bare Minerals gentle deep clean cleansing foam is infused with sea salts, elderflowers and rosemary extracts and has a fresh scent of grapefruit. Massage in on moist skin and use the double cleansing brush to gently massage skin and rinse. If you prefer a sponge try a konjac sponge that gives light exfoliation ideal for delicate skin. The sponge is naturally alkaline to help maintain the optimal ph balance of the skin and is rich in essential vitamins, minerals and amino acids.

Aiayu Raw

Aiayu introduces a Zero Waste concept – their new RAW collection is made entirely from leftovers from their cotton production.
The RAW Quilt bed covers are made of leftover cuttings from the organic cotton shirts and bedding and the small pieces of fabric are beautifully combined and hand stitched into a unique quilt. You can also find small rugs and totebags in the collection

Natural Nail Polish Remover

Gifted product.

& Other Stories just launched their Paris Atelier Make-Up collection – an extension of the Paris Atelier beauty range – the products are created with approximately 85% active natural ingredients of certified French origin. One of the products is this nail polish remover made from 100% natural ingredients.
I had a manicure in Milan and a week later it was time to remove the polish, so I used my normal remover on one hand and this one on the other. It took a little longer with the natural remover, but the polish came of just as easy and my nails didn’t feel stripped like from my normal one the counter remover. Jardin Rhône is lavender scented with almond oil that add moisture to your cuticles and nail this nail polish remover leaves your nails in mint condition, so if you are into natural products you should definitely give this a go.

Aesther Ekme

If you are not already familiar with the minimal bags from Aesther Ekme – read on.
Aesther Ekme is an accessories brand founded in 2016 by Stephane Park and she created timeless classic bags and leather accessories that I have had my eye on for a while.
This is the Mini Barrel in soft beige lambskin – it’s the perfect size and the combination of top handles and a shoulder straps make this an ideal everyday bag.

Postcard From Milan

What to do in Milan when it rains? Drink coffee, go shopping, repeat. A stop at Fondazione Prada, strolling with my new plastic bag, coffee at Marotin, Prada shopping, lunch at Bar Luce, beautiful backyards, mandatory visit to Céline and more coffee and breakfast at L’ov. Can’t wait to go back.

Result Chair

I’m in the midst of redecorating my kitchen – well at least the dining area. I already bought this dining chair so I’m now looking for the perfect round dining table and considering this chair. I’ve been a fan of Friso Kramer since forever – especially this chair. So happy to see Hay relaunching the Result Chair. I’m thinking of the colour combo above or this one. What you think?