Light And Luxurious Interior

light-luxury-interior_nouvelle-spring-2018I dream of redecorating my bathroom (I need a new ceiling after several water damages – great) and I think two of the lamps by Michael Anastassiades would be a perfect match to the things I have in mind for that space. The Loafer Chair could easily fit into my bedroom and the Fluid Mirror could light up a wall in my kitchen. Interior dreams for a light and bright apartment filled with warm sunlight.

1. Loafer Chair by Space Copenhagen 2. Lamp by Michael Anastassiades 3. Fluid Mirror by Jenny Nordberg 4. Fonts Chair Collection by David Thulstrup 5. Cast Light by Studio Vit 6. PK1 Chair by Poul Kjærholm 7. Rubber Sofa by Guillermo Santomà 8. Vessel by Eric Roinestad

Lov i Listed

I’m back after a few weeks much needed time off. I spent some of my Easter on Bornholm, which I haven’t visited since I was a child. The nature is breathtaking and I can’t wait to go back when the weather is better. I stopped by Lov i Listed ceramics owned by the couple Torben Lov and Susanne Glerup Lov and it was super busy. They are the ones providing Restaurant Kadeau with plates, bowls, vases etc. and their store is open only once a week – on Saturday. I waited in line for about an hour – so many people and so little pottery. I brought home this small plate and a vase and these two will be the start of a growing collection of Kadeau ceramics. You can’t buy the pieces online, but you can see their two collections here.


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It’s time for the trench and on that note here are 7 trench coats to choose from. I’m considering number 5 which you can find at Boozt – the best thing? They are giving a 20% discount on most items from today at 4 pm until Sunday at midnight. Use the code WOW20 on check out. Happy shopping.
1. Alexander McQueen 2. Stella McCartney 3. Dagmar 4. MbyM 5. Filippa K 6. Cheap Monday 7. Mango


After rolling my face with a jade roller for a while, I’m are now scraping my face with a Gua Sha stone. I’m not saying goodbye to my jade roller – just adding another tool to my routine. While the jade rollers are soothing, help de-puffing and promote skin elasticity – the Gua Sha goes deeper. The treatment involves gliding a flat jade or rose quartz stone along the skin with light pressure, pulling slightly. Facial Gua Sha increases the circulatory flow of blood and fluids, relieves tension in muscles – relaxation of the facial muscles can help relieve headaches, neck pain and even ward off wrinkles.

Do it using light strokes and wear a product like an oil or a heavy cream – I like using my Karmameju Calm Balm and my rose quartz Gua Sha is from Amazing Space. You should see a tutorial before starting on your own – or try a professional treatment first to learn how to do it – I tried an ‘Inner Facial’ that you can read about here. When you get the hang of it it’s really easy and deeply relaxing. Daily would be the most optimal but even two or three times a week is helpful. I sit in front of the telly using first my Gua Sha stone and the my jade roller and relax with my routine and my friend Netflix. You should try the same – it’s addictive.