Manicure Made Easy

Manicure Made Easy - Nailberry Miracle Corrector Pen

This little pen makes it so easy to fix manicure mishaps. I’m already a fan of Nailberry nail polish (this is my favourite shade) and now they have introduced a new and improved version of their Miracle Corrector Pen so you can easily correct any nail polish mistakes. A little pen that accurately erases imperfections a leave you with a better manicure. It’s vegan, acetone free and can be used on both natural and gel and acrylic nails and it’s enriched with jojoba oil to nourish the skin around the nail bed. The end cap is smartly designed so you can use it to much back cuticles before you apply your nail polish. Shop the miracle pen here.


Halo - New jewellery collection by Sophie Bille Brahe for Georg Jensen

Halo is the result of a collaboration between the iconic design brand Georg Jensen and jewellery genius Sophie Bille Brahe. A stunning collection inspired by the beauty of the Scandinavian light and the changing phases of the moon, the Halo collection features uncomplicated diamond pieces that’s easy to wear. Circular shapes of gold dressed with diamonds form hoops that when you view them in profile they almost form a crescent moon. Worn here by beautiful Frederikke Sofie. 

Halo - New jewellery collection by Sophie Bille Brahe for Georg Jensen

The pieces are pretty pricey, but on a can always dream. For a more budget friendly moon – check this necklace

Firming Antioxidant Body Oil

Organic firming antioxidant body oil from Mádara
This organic firming antioxidant body oil from Mádara will be my companion during these first weeks of fall. A luxurious soft and aromatic vitamin-infused oil, that firms, tones and improves skins elasticity. I’m using my Gua Sha almost everyday and I’m thinking it will be clever to team that routine up with an oil. This oil is especially recommended for use during pregnancy and weight loss and it should help prevent the onset of stretch marks. I’ve started on a new training routine and I hope to get rid of those extra pounds gained from eating out several times every week during this very long summer. So the combination of working out, scraping away with my Gua Sha and then applying this oil will be my new fall beauty routine. You can read more about Mádara Firming Antioxidant Body Oil here.

Chilly Autumn Days

Chilly Autumn Days - Fall Shopping Guide
September means more chilly autumn days so stock up on knit and get hold of a proper jacket before they sell out. This Gore-Tex is a dream. The sun is still out and these Dries Van Noten sunnies are the coolest I have seen all summer. I’m going be adding more brown and green tones to my wardrobe and brighten them up with touches of white. Finish your look with an elegant luxe scrunchie. I’m considering the mules and several other Céline items, after seeing the new logo and campaign I’m thinking this is my last chance to get my hands on some real Céline, before Hedi Slimane turns it into a skinny rock chick brand. More fall shopping? Find it right here.

1. Scrunchies Sophie Buhai 2. T-shirt Arket 3. Bag Acne Studios 4. Sunglasses Dries Van Noten 5. Coat Norse Projects Women 6. Mules Céline 7. Earrings Aym 8. Pullover Lauren Manoogian

Favourite Items On Display

 Favourite Items On Display with the new Sammenhang collection from Ikea
Put your favourite items on display with Ikea. I try living a life with less but every time I see something beautiful I have a tendency to bring it home and display it either on my Hay shelf system, on my plinth or one of my many windowsills. I love being surrounded by beautiful trinkets and as long as they fit into my serene space they don’t seem like clutter. If you like to collect pretty stuff, but don’t know what to do with the many items you hoard, you should check out Ikea’s new collection Sammenhang. Sammenhang is a collection of open and closed units ranging from small boxes to pieces of furniture, and is created in collaboration with seven designers. This Sammenhang Tittskåp is designed by Joel and Kate Booy and if I had the space I would love to display my marble mirror from Menu or some of my many favourite objects on this. See more from the Sammenhang collection here.