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Moroccan Pouf


When I visited Marrakech in November I brought back this handmade floor cushion, to add an ‘exotic touch’ to my minimal interior. I chose a light beige pouf whit black, light maroon and white stitching. It’s quite frisky compared to the rest of my belongings but it brings a bit of warmth to the white interior.

Softening Lotion

I’m trying this out instead of my usual tonerMAC Marine-Bright Formula Softening Lotion – a brightening lotion that softens, conditions, smoothes and leaves skin supple, more clarified and brightened. I don’t waste a cotton pad for this – I just pour a small amount on the palm of my hands and apply to my face after cleansing. I have gotten used to adding a toner before embarking on the rest of my routine and I can really tell the difference, compared to when I’m not using a toner. My skin is way more supple than without. So if you haven’t tried a toner yet – give it a go.

Aesop & Paulin, Paulin, Paulin

Aesop has teamed up with Paulin, Paulin, Paulin to transform their Rue Saint-Honoré office into a space temporarily housing Aesop Facial Treatments. The collaboration is an extension of Aesop’s approach to skin care, that extends beyond their stores. A belief that well-considered surroundings contribute positively to the health of the self and skin. The address has three rooms, including the treatment space, and they exhibit a selection of furniture created by Paulin, Paulin Paulin – a company backing project by the iconic French designer Pierre Paulin. Make sure to book an appointment here if in Paris – the space is open until April 30th.



Green Door

Naturfarm is a Danish company with more than 40 years of experience in developing and producing natural beauty – using organic and all natural ingredients.Their ‘Green Door’ line diminishes and prevents wrinkles and leaves your skin with a fresh, healthy radiance. The products are based on stem cells from citrus fruits. The Eye Serum reduces puffiness and dark circles, the regenerating Face Serum and Face Cream, lessens the signs of ageing. As a bonus the products will look beautiful on your shelf as well.

Balancing Shampoo & Balm

The balancing shampoo from Sard is very mild sulphate free, soothing and nourishing, that consists of plant-based ingredients including almond, coconut, argan- and jojoba oil and aloe vera. The shampoo is a low-foaming shampoo as it doesn’t contain the soap ingredient sodium laurel sulfate that can dry your scalp out, which makes it suitable for people with sensitive and irritable scalp. Follow with the balancing balm. You can find the cute cactus here.
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