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Summer Beauty Products

Summer Beauty Products
The holidays are just around the corner and these are the summer beauty products I’ll be using during sunny July.

Sun Screen

The one thing you need to carry with you at all times – sunscreen. My very thin Scandinavian hair doesn’t cover my scalp very much, so I’m very happy about the Matas spf30 scalp spray. Light, fragrance free and easy to apply. Another sun favourite from Matas is the transparent spf30 Sun Spray. Fast absorbing and a super light texture. The spray is waterproof and the most important of my summer beauty products.

Double Cleanse

During summer I often double cleanse to get rid og all the sunscreen and sweat. I start with Vit C Brightening Cleanser from Rodial. A super fresh gel cleanser that works like a wake up call in the morning. A combination of Vitamin C and exfoliating fruit AHAs to deeply cleanse skin and purify and tighten pores. It smells amazing and leaves skin super fresh and soft. I finish with a gentle oil cleanser. The Oil of Life Intensely Revitalising Cleansing Oil-In-Gel from The Body Shop is infused with a blend of 3 precious seed oils. The texture slowly transforms from a rich gel that glides over skin, into a light milky lotion when it comes in contact with water. The formula contains over 30% pure oils that removes makeup and dissolves impurities while leaving skin soft and nurtured. Your skin feels smooth and moisturised.

The Mask

The Tumeric Brightening & exfoliating mask from Kora Organics is an exfoliating mask formulated to revitalise, brigthen and promote skin cell renewal. It addresses clogged pores, sebum buildup, uneven skin texture and dullness. Massage the mask into damp skin and leave to work for 5-15 minutes so the enzymes can work their magic. I seldom only wear a mask for 5 minutes – I’m thinking the longer the better, and I often sleep with moisture masks. Not something you should do with this. Its super active and tingles and leaves your skin a little red – so settle for 5 minutes if it feels too harsh on your skin. Remove with water – I like to use a damp cloth for some extra exfoliation. Your skin will feel super fresh afterwards.

The Serum

Vital Vita 12 Synergy Serum from Tonymoly for added hydration. A highly concentrated vitamin serum formulated to minimise fine lines and wrinkles and combat discolouration. It also improves firmness and elasticity and boosts overall radiance thank to the multi-vitamin compound.

The Oil

After a long day in the sun I give my skin a break from this otherwise amazing night cream and treat it to a night with this relaxing oil from Annemarie Börlind. A 3 in 1 facial oil for dry, demanding skin. The oil is anti-blue light, anti-oxidative and anti-aging. Marigold protects against blue light radiation from mobile phones, tablets etc. Inca omega oil, kauai oil and Himalayan cherry oil fortify the skin’s natural barrier and add suppleness. Jojoba and macadamia nut oils boosts the skin’s tone and enhance its elasticity.

Happy summer everyone. Do let me know if you have any favourite summer beauty products.

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