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Adaptogens In Skincare

Adaptogens In Skincare
Adaptogens In Skincare? What can these do for your skin and what are they exactly?

Adaptogens are healing herbs or plant extracts that are believed to increase the body’s ability to resist the damaging effects of stress and promote normal physiological function. These herbs and roots have been used for centuries in Chinese and Ayurvedic healing traditions and been on the wellness community’s radar for some time now. The stress-relieving herbs supposedly tweak hormone production and physiological responses to stress to ensure that your body – from your mind to your immune system to your energy levels – functions as it should. The claims are that they balance you out and establish harmony. They are called adaptogens because the sort of adapt to what the body needs and regulate the body.
Adaptogens are now making their way into skincare and the ingredients may reduce inflammation, promote faster wound recovery and protect against a variety of other skin stressors, including daily stressors like UV rays and environmental pollutants. If you are feeling stressed and your skin is showing it – adaptogens could be the answer. For every problem you could possibly list – there is an adaptogen with th ability to help and the list of acclaimed benefits is long.

‘Adaptogen Deep Moisture Cream’ from Youth To The People contains a blend of Ashwagandha, Rhodiola, Reishi and Holy Basil. The fragrance free cream is super-hydrating, has a calming effect and is the perfect choice to soothe sensitive, irritated and super dry skin.

Ashwagandha is commonly referred to as ’Indian ginseng’ or ‘Indian winter cherry’ and is one of the most powerful regulators. It is said to have a long list of benefits including antioxidant, skin-lightening and -softening abilities. The herbs ability to retain moisture in the skin also stands out. It should be ideal for breakouts and oily skin.

Rhodiola is called the anti-aging herb and is said to be anti-ageing, anti-inflammatory and help protect skin and reduce the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles and give skin a more youthful appearance. 

Reishi mushrooms containskin-boosting properties like antioxidants and Vitamin D. Also potent anti-inflammatory properties that can help improve acne, redness and eczema. They are also loaded with Vitamin B3 that may help with the enhancement of collagen. 

Holy Basil is also known as Tulsi which is also used broadly for its antibacterial and anti-inflammatory abilities and benefits skin that is prone to inflammation and blemishes. It is packed with vitamins, electrolytes and minerals, works as an antioxidant and detoxifies. 

There’s not much scientific research on adaptogens in skincare yet but you can do your own research and see how products with adaptogens work for you and if you can see a difference in your skin. I’m giving this one a try; ‘Adaptogen Deep Moisture Cream’ from Youth To The People contains 100% vegan ingredients and the packaging is recyclable. You can read more about Youth To The People here.
No matter which kind of skincare you go for – if you choose adaptogens in skincare or not – don’t forget SPF – this is a favourite of mine – light and non greasy.

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