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Making Waves

Making Waves - Le Bon Organic Mouthwash
Making Waves – a new mouthwash from Le Bon.
I introduced the organic toothpastes from Le Bon a little over a year ago and the pretty French toothpastes, that are all vegan, cruelty free and naturally sweetened with stevia rebaudiana, have since expanded the original six flavours to nine and recently a mouthwash joined the collection of organic oralcare. Making waves is formulated with natural flavours from Grasse in France and is free from alcohol, sulphates, artificial sweeteners, flavours and colorings and has a delicate minty taste that will leave your mouth fresh. Use morning and night after brushing your teeth – or during the day if you need a dash of freshness. Rinse vigorously for 30 seconds, making sure that the mouth wash comes in contact with all areas of your teeth and then gargle to ensure that the mouthwash deals with bacteria at the back of your tongue – spit and go.
You can shop the Making Waves mouthwash here.

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