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Summer-Proof Your Hair

Summer-Proof Your Hair - don’t get stressed-out strands - wear a protective hair veil and treat your hair to Aveda’s after sun hair and body cleanser
Looking for a way to protect your hair from the damaging effects of the sun and the sea? This is the way to summer-proof your hair:
Care for your hair before, during and after a day in the sun or a dip in the pool, to avoid stressed-out strands.
Before heading out apply the lightweight, water-resistant sun care protective hair veil from Aveda. A UV defense mist that forms an invisible screen to help protect hair from sun exposure to minimise damage and dryness. Refresh during the day and especially after swimming. It’s just like sunscreen for your hair but without the greasiness.
When in the shower at night try the sun care hair and body cleanser, that gently removes chlorine, salt and product residue, while tamanu oil and organic coconut oil help maintain moisture balance. Corn-derived chelator helps remove minerals found in chlorinated pool water which can cause discolouration. Aveda also has an after-sun hair mask I will share with you next week. Another way to summer-proof your hair – wear a chic topper like a cute straw hat in the sun – I’ll be bringing mine with me on holiday today. Also – don’t forget your skin.

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