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Face Sculpting Therapy

Last week I treated myself to a treatment at Amazing Space and instead of getting a regular facial, I opted for the FST – Face Sculpting Therapy, which is a connective tissue massage of the 97 facial muscles, to firm and tighten skin and reduce mimic wrinkles. Part of the facial is an ‘inner facial’ and wearing a surgical glove, the practitioner massages from inside your mouth and basically sculpts your face. I won’t lie – it hurt like hell. Maybe because I have a tendency to clench my jaw too much, but there was a lot to work on. The treatment is finished with a Gua Sha stone massage, which supposedly firms, lifts and reverse sagging skin. It’s said to reduce puffiness, minimize appearance of wrinkles and brighten complexion. It was heaven. The facial resulted in a severe headache despite lots of water and fresh air. Must have been all the toxins leaving my body. I already booked my next appointment. More therapy for face please.


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New Year, New You