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Two products I use on a daily basis at the moment. During the day I keep my skin hydrated with Sard ‘Rose Water Elixir’ – it contains antioxidants and vitamins from rosewater that helps reduce the signs of ageing and gives skin a moisture boost. On days I spend at my ‘in house’ office, this sits right next to my computer so I remember to spritz away. It tones and tightens, soothes dry and sensitive skin and reduces irritation. Morning and night my first step after cleansing is the M2 Beauté ‘Ultra Pure Solutions Hyaluron & Collagen Facial Nano Spray’. The highly effective ingredients have a smoothing effect, are intensely moisturising and stimulate the regeneration process in the skin cells. For soft, supple skin that looks fuller, and a visibly rejuvenated appearance – you should try this. I use it as the first step to let the nano particles to penetrate the skin – spray 2-3 times evenly over the skin and allow to set before continuing with the next product. Find Sard here and M2 here.

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