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& Other Stories // Gift Collection


& Other Stories’ ateliers in Paris and Stockholm each designed a special gift shop collection. A mix of stationary, travel accessories, cases and decorative pieces. To launch the concept & Other Stories presents a short film series that invites you to take a peek into their world as the products come to life in the hands of the creatives behind it.



The Paris Atelier collection reveals marbled prints alongside gold-foiled phrases in French that gives a nostalgic touch. The film follows the work of & Other Stories’ pattern maker Diana and features some of her of her best-loved picks from the collection; an envelope-shaped leather pouch, a chunky key holder and the cute bird scissors.



The Stockholm Atelier collection has its core in & Other Stories’ love for colours and prints and reveals a contemporary approach to craftsmanship and creativity. The film catches a moment in the life of & Other Stories’ copywriter Anna-Karin. Her favourite pieces are the luxe pen holder made of Dalmatian jasper stone, a bookmark with a round Dalmatian stone and the A3 artist portfolio.

The collection will launch early March.

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