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Message In A Bottle

Perfume is emotion transformed into molecules says Mark Buxton – the creator behind Mark Buxton Collection and also the one who created the first Comme dés Garçons perfume.

Message In A Bottle is the latest fragrance added to the line; 

“The impression of Paradise. On an atoll, on the edge of the world, a timeless scene; enveloped by the extraordinary beauty of nature.. the essence of Paradise. I tossed a message in a bottle into the sea; no paper, no writing – just a fragrant testimony of the Island. A proof of Paradise.. my message for you.” 

To me it smells clean. With a hint of exotic flowers. Without being girly. Just how I like it. Besides the clean simple scents I really like the names of his perfumes. Sleeping With Ghosts is both one of my favourites albums by Placebo and also a great scent from Mark Buxton. Fantasy of extreme tenderness. Seeking for the unexpected beauty.. lost in the dark world.. who is it? The crispy quince opens the dream of luminous vanilla and vetiver wrapped in leather. As he describes it. Read more about Mark Buxton here. 

Mark Buxton Collection Message In A Bottle.JPG

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