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My Space – Joyce Croonen

Nouvelle caught up with Joyce Croonen, founder of minimal interior design and fashion blog MyDubio, for her perspective on interior decoration, her favourite designer and her best diy tip.

Describe your style?

“My personal style is a basic and simple way of dressing and styling my interior, with a focus on shape and structure. I like to create a bit of friction between the items: androgynous and playful. As long as I can add some unexpected details I’m more than happy to style non-colours in a toned-down way.” 

Why minimal?

“It closely relates to me being rather introverted. I hate to be the center of attention, so I’ll never be the girl dressing in glittery dresses with fringes to top or live in a house that screams glamour. And besides: I just love the clarity minimal pieces give. They never overpower any personality, are suitable for every occasion and are often easily combined. It gives you time to think about other – more important – stuff.” 

What inspires you today?

“At the moment I’m inspired by people who show their flaws but still manage to excel (yes, I’m watching way too many Ted Talks…). But seeing imperfections in people I admire, gives me the reassurance that I too could be capable of things I’d never dreamed of doing.” 

Your favourite spot at home?

“I’m ashamed to say my workspace… I’m a bit of a workaholic, so sitting behind my Mac is as good as it gets 😉 But in my defense: it is the room with the most natural light and filled with items that inspire me.” 

Which item is your favourite – and your dream item at the moment?

“My favourite items are my two Harry Bertoia diamond chairs. I searched for months and finally found them secondhand for a good price 4 years ago. Still love them as much as the day I got them! 

And since chairs are my weak spot, I’d like to add a few wishbone chairs by Carl Hansen & Son to the collection. But that price tag is not nearly as attractive as the chair itself…”

Any interior rules?

“Rules are there to be broken, but I do try to stick to a neutral colour palette and add a max of two colours. 

O wait: now I think about it a bit more, there is one thing I can’t stand. Don’t ever buy your whole interior from one brand. You know, a matching side table, dinning table, chairs and drawers. That just kills every personal touch you could give to a space in a heartbeat.” 

What’s your favourite of your DIY of all times? 

“A DIY plant hanger. It took some time to figure out how to make a minimalistic macrame planting hanger. In the end I managed by avoiding all knots and using tie-raps instead. I also cut of the fringes at the bottom. A stripped down macrame planting hanger is the end result!”

Favourite furniture designer?

“Charles and Ray Eames story is as compelling as their designs. Husband and wife, who never limited themselves by sticking to their ‘profession’. They played with architecture, photography and interior design to name a few. “I never gave up painting, I just changed my palette” – Ray Eames. 

And besides their philosophy I absolutely love the designs they came up with, the DCW being my favourite.”

What would your dream home look like?

“Large open spaces with huge windows, surrounded by nature but located close to the city. It can be anything from a house build early 1900 to a modern house with unexpected quirks.” 

The most beautiful place you have ever been?

“Fondation Louis Vuitton immediately comes to mind. Beautiful architecture and a great art collection and exhibitions. Makes sure to pay a visit if you’re ever in Paris!”

Keep up with Joyce here.

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