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The Kit Heroes

Remember I asked makeup artist Linda Öhrström about her handbag heroes? That’s not all you get from her – here are her Kit Heroes – the products you will always find in her makeup kit when she is working.

Skinfood by Weleda – This has replaced the classic face cream Embryolisse in my kit. It works great on dry skin to prep the face before base and gives a yummy healthy glow.”

All You Need Is Me by True Organics Of Sweden – I use it as a lip balm and love the gloss effect for eyelids and top of cheekbones for extra glow. Great with creamy eyeshadows for extra gloss. Bonus function as a first aider on burns and rashes.”

Un-cover by rms beauty – I love this coconut foundation that blends so nicely into the skin. Never looks cake or heavy. I use it as a concealer or an all over foundation depending on the job.”

Living Luminizer by rms beauty – for that super natural glow on eyelids lips, cheekbones and the bridge of the nose. Works great with All You Need Is Me for extra shine.”

Skintight Bodylotion in Light by Prtty Peaushun – I honestly don’t know how I did underwear shoots without this cream! It gives a super subtle glow without those cheap looking big bits of glitter. Evens out the skin like a mini airbrush. i actually use it on the face and love it in my hair (super dry from too much time spent in saltwater surfing). It doubles up as an aftersun, mosquito cream and helps heal sore muscles and bruises.”

Check out Linda’s beauty shop right here. 

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