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10 Winter Wonders

December and the following months is hard on our skin and our hair. But fear not – if you stock up on the right products and get into a good routine your skin can survive the cold. These ten to do’s will help you through the winter.

Start your day dry brushing your body from toe to top. It increases circulation and removes dead skin cells. It is said to reduce the appearance of cellulite so why not give it a try. Get your hands on a natural bristle brush, start on dry skin before bathing. Work in circular motions and go upwards – starting at your feet. Be cautious on sensitive skin around the chest and never brush inflamed skin. Jump in the shower and wash away dead cells and impurities. Follow with a luxurious body oil. Massage it into your skin and if you suffer from very dry skin – perhaps only on your legs – put a body lotion on top of the oil. On days where you are in a hurry go for a bath oil like this one from La Roche-Posay. Also avoid taking too long and too warm showers that will dry out your skin. 

Your hands can get really dry with cracked skin and porous nails. So make sure you apply tons of soothing and moisturising hand cream during the day. Keep you cuticles soft with a cuticle cream. If this does not do the trick – try cotton gloves at night. Use more hand cream than usual and wear the soft cotton gloves to bed. It works miracles on skin and nails. I sleep with mine at least three times a week during winter. 

Make sure you give your skin a boost twice a week with a face mask. Choose a moisturising one that calms and hydrates skin. When it comes to face cream go for one that protects against dehydration and low temperatures like the Below 10 Degrees Cream from Tromborg. Don’t forget your hair – it needs care as well. Try this mask packed with restorative ingredients – once a week is enough. Not all can be done from the outside – same as always eat healthy, drink lots of water and take your vitamins. 

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