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Summer Shopping Dreams – Labériane Ponton

Maybe you already know her – I  know I’m a fan – of her blog and her great sense of style. Labériane Ponton lives in Paris and is an art director and freelance stylist – besides having an amazing blog, that you must check out if you don’t already know it – The Blab. I asked her to choose her summer musthaves for NOUVELLE. Enjoy. 

1. “Finding the perfect white tshirt is a never-ending search. This one from BLK DNM seems to be the one. I mean until the next one.”

2. “Best flat sandals of the ss14 season for a chic and casual style. Of course it’s Céline! And because my Adilette, Ancient Greek Sandals, Birkenstock… need new friends.”

3. “Favourite accessory for this summer to capture great memories and best outfits!”

4. “Acne is one of my fav brands and I love the anchors details on this classic blazer.”

5. “The perfect (and expensive) gold touch. This plus a black swimsuit and I feel ready for the beach.”

6. “Summer means holidays, trip, beach, tanned legs and denim shorts. The Australian brand does the best distressed, loose and cool shorts.”

7. “So many choices in the white-sneakers-world! I think this pair of Classic leather Reebok is my next purchase.”


1. BLK DNM tshirt     2. Céline sandals     3. Fujifilm instax camera     4. Acne Studios blazer     5. Maria Black necklace     6. One Teaspoon shorts     7. Reebok Classic sneakers

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Nike - Air Force 1 - Black