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Minty Suede

Be prepared – the square toe is back. I saw these minty suede shoes when I visited the Acne Studios showroom in Paris during Fashion Week – I first saw them on the show the day before and it only took a a few minutes to convince me. The square toe rocks. They do not at all look like the square shoes I wore in the 90’s – but they do bring me back. They are named Minty Maeve Suede and is from the fall 2014 collection. I will show you much more from the Acne Studios showroom later on – I promise they did some amazing stuff. 
aw14 Minty Maeve Suede Shoes from Acne Studios.JPG
Acne Studios Minty Maeve Suede shoes.JPG
Acne Studioa fall 2014 shoes mint suede Maeve.JPG
Minty Maeve Suede shoes fromAcne Studios.JPG

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