Louis Vuitton AW14

“Today is a new day. A big day. You are about to witness my first fashion show for Louis Vuitton. Words cannot express exactly how I am feeling at this moment…” This is the first part of the typewritten letter from Nicolas Ghesquière that was on my seat at the show in Paris. It almost brought tears to my eyes – happy tears. In the letter he also thanks every guest for being there to share this moment with him and the atmosphere was almost electric. Everyone was so excited to see this. I was so exticed to be there. Then the metal blinds opened at let the sun in. And then Freja Beha opened the show. It was magical. The next day I visited the Louis Vuitton showroom to take a closer look at the collection – it is an amazing collection and I took so many pictures that I can’t show you all in once. So here you can take a closer look at the clothes. Then we will get back to the accessories later – (and the earrings you need to have next season). A line shaped coats, shorts dresses that cued a 1960s vibe, lots of leather and suede, molded leather bodices and knit skirts. Glossy leather jeans, white turtlenecks and ski sweaters. Wow. 
Louis Vuitton par Nicolas Ghesquiere.JPG
A closer look at the Louis Vuitton aw14 collection.JPG
Louis Vuitton aw14 resee in Paris.JPG
Louis Vuitton by Nicolas Ghesquiere.JPG
Louis Vuitton clothing aw14 collection.JPG
Maiken Winther visits the Louis Vuitton office to see the aw14 collection.JPG
Louis Vuitton resee in Paris.JPG
Nicolas Ghesquiere's first collection for Louis Vuitton.JPG


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