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Subtle Dip-dye Nails

The Anne Sofie Madsen spring summer 2014 collection took inspiration from such diverse places as romantic portraits, japanese pop art and motocross uniforms. Based on that Essie created and understated and very cool dip-dye manicure with the saturated sand colour ‘Sand Tropez’, and the chalk-white ‘Blanc’. This is how you create the look: Apply base coat and wait for a few minutes. Add two layers of ‘Sand Trpoez’ – again wait for it to dry. Then paint a stripe in the desired broad of ‘Blanc’ and ‘Sand Tropez’ on a makeup sponge and dab gently in a rolling motion over the nail. Let it dry and finish with a coat of top coat. It might take a bit of practise but the result is worth it. And remember to always use a few drops of nail oil on your cuticles when the polish is completely dry – that finishes the look of perfectly. 

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