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If you – like me – envy the likes of people like Cara Delevingne for their beautiful statement brows, but are not that blessed by nature, there are things that can be done. First of all you can help you brows grow by using a brow serum. I have tried M2 Brows and it works wonders. I started using it everyday before going to bed but gradually toned it down to a few days a week. My brows have become fuller and even though the serum is quite expensive it last for ages, I have had mine for almost six months, so it’s a good investment. You should go to a professional and get your brows shaped, that makes it easier for yourself to maintain them in the right shape. I use the slant tweezer from Tweezerman. Everyday I comb my brows to get them them in shape (I use a lash brush from MAC – works perfect), I then add a bit of colour to make them darker and bolder. I find it better to use a solid powder rather than a pen beacuse the look seems more natural. Finally I finish with a clear brow mascara to keep them in place all day. Voila. 

1. MAC Brow Set    2. Make Up Store Tri Brow Colour    3. MAC 208 Anglede Brow Pencil    4. M2 BEyebrow Renewing Serum    5. Tweezerman Slant Tweezer    6. MAC 204 Lash Brush


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