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Two classics – a biker leather jacket and a grey cashmere crew neck sweater. This stunner of a biker jacket is from Pelechecoco, a sustainable brand that centres on recycled fabrics. Designer Sophie Schandorff source a vast array of vintage leather and make it into cool leather jackets, overalls, bags and wallets. I instantly fell for the mens version of a classic biker, with a waist belt and heavy silver wear – check it out here. The knit is my all time favourite mens sweater from Uniqlo. 100 % pure cashmere – it’s so soft and so comfy to wear. Who says a girl can’t wear menswear?

Maiken Winther Pele Che Coco.JPG


  • maiken
    Hi Ariana
    Thank you – must give those tshirts a go. This is a M – a men’s vintage. But they are very different in sizes. I chose one from the boys as they are a bit longer – don’t like the cropped ones too much 🙂 Good luck in your search 🙂
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  • Ariana
    I just love this jacket, it looks great on you! I actually prefer the men’s Uniqlo t-shirts because I like the fit better and they aren’t crazy sheer like the women’s ones.

    I hope this isn’t too forward, but how would you say the sizing is on your jacket? I’ve tried on a few of these and am eyeing a secondhand one currently… but I found the sizes vary wildly. Was this your experience too? Thank you!

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