Do Summer Like A Pro

The warm weather can be tough on your hair and your skin and your normal beauty routine may not be the best in the heat – then what? I asked super talented makeup artist Sine Ginsborg to share her three best summer tips, so you can enjoy the summer sun. 


“After sand, sun and salt water, your skin may seem dry and dull, so don’t forget to moisturise the skin. Use this Malin + Goetz chamomile treatment oil after your shower to maintain a moist skin. But my best tip is actually to use the oil before the shower, that way you give the skin extra moist and protect it against water, which can make your skin really dry.”


“In order to create the perfect summer shine I blend two products. Tromborg Illuminating Powder and Tromborg Lip Balm. The powder is the perfect highlighter and when I mix it with the greasy lip balm it gives a very natural shine. So pretty!”


“What many don’t know is that it’s not only the sun that dries out you hair. If you have wet hair in the sun, the water drops warm up so much that they can ‘burn’ the the hair strands. So remember to use a protective hair product before you go to the beach for a dip. Shu Uemura has this nourishing and protective oil that is really good. The same goes for hair ties with metal closure. The metal becomes so hot that it damages the hair, so use ones without – my favourites are the Kitsch hair ties.”

Read more about Sine and her Make-up School right here

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