Aesop Shine

Aesop Shine

Aesop's latest hair care release, Shine, is a lightweight hydrating oil that softens and adds lustre to all hair types. It contains no silicone which allows it to sink in and really work. As you know my hair is very fine so I only add one to two drops instead of the two to three advised. No matter how good a hair oil is it will always make my hair feel heavy and greasy if I follow the directions. This minimises static and smooths frizzy or flyaway hair and you can use it in wet as well as dry hair. Two full pipettes will deliver a nourishing overnight pre-shampoo indulgence - I will have to try that tonight. 

You can buy Aesop in Holly Golightly - Shine is not online yet but they have i t in the store. You can read more about it here. Brush Mason Pearson, perfume Chanel, deco box Broste.

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November 29
Hvor (hjemmeside eller fysisk butik) kan opbevaringskrukken købes?

November 29
Hej Maria
Tryk på linket (Broste) så kommer du direkte til webshop :) Der er to forskellige farver og forskellige størrelser :)