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Five Organic Favourites

Five Organic Favourites
The five organic favourites I’m using right now.

It has never been easier to find good quality natural and organic beauty products – read on if you are looking to swap to a more natural skincare routine.

Le Bon produces exclusive oral care made in France. They use organic ingredients, the packaging is sustainable and their toothpastes are cruelty free and vegan. Le White has the flavour of sweet Moroccan mint with green tea. It has a natural whitening effect thanks to papaya extracts. The papaya enzymes remove plaque and stains gently, without causing any abrasion to the teeth.

Mainly organic and all natural ingredients make up the content of the relaxing and stabilising Sensitive Cream Mask from Annemarie Börlind. A soothing mask that reduces irritation, redness and the feeling of tightness.

Estelle & Thild’s new BioTreat Instant Enzyme Peel is a powerful, vegan and certified organic enzyme peel that, in a matter of minutes, removes dead skin cells, cleanses pores and adds new radiance to skin. Leave on for about 15 minutes and rinse with lukewarm water. You might feel a tingling sensations as the enzymes work on your skin. I use the treatment at night to avoid sun exposure plus my face turns slightly red after the peel.

I slap on the Rosehip Repair Rescue Face Oil from Amazing Space – an anti-inflammatory and soothing face oil with nutritious and protective properties. It’s rich in Rosehip seed and vitamin c, which is known to prevent signs og ageing and marigold extract that soothes, heals and reduces redness. You will wake up with a face as smooth as a baby.
A mainstay in my daily beauty routine; the hand cream.

I try to remember putting it on before bed and Rudolph Care’s Acai Hand Cream has an amazing smell, absorbs quickly and will intensively nourish your dry hands while you sleep. It contains shea butter, wheat protein, sweet almond oil and a high percentage of açai oil to add moisture, counteract signs of ageing and provide deep nourishment. Perfect for thirsty skin.

Looking for more organic alternatives to my five organic favourites? I can recommend this firming antioxidant body oil.

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