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Bedroom Bliss

Bedroom Bliss
I’m dreaming of bedroom bliss – dreaming of making my bedroom a sleep sanctuary.
Trying to create a soothing location with optimal conditions for amazing sleep requires several steps. First of all you need to de-clutter and make the space clean, serene and peaceful. I have painted my walls white and chose a soft pale yellow for the ceiling. White curtains and white and pale yellow bedding.
Try to block out any light – that’s street lights as well as any electronic light from alarm clocks etc. It’s healthier to sleep in a pitch dark room as your body will produce more melatonin, the hormone responsible for making you sleepy, and helps ensure a restful sleep.
For me bedroom bliss also equals soft bedding that feels like a hug when you go to bed. I’m on an organic journey and since we use a lot of hours in bed, I want to focus on going greener in the bedroom. We all know the beautiful organic bedding from Tekla by now and I’m thinking of mixing in an orca brown pillow sham – It will look beautiful with white and faded sun bleached yellow. If you are looking for other organic options check out the soft and subtle colours from Aiayu or the crisp white fairtrade linen from Swedish Read The Label. What you wear to bed also has something to say and I would love to slip into this comfortable and cute organic cotton pyjamas from Skall Studio.
Sweet dreams.

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