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A Workout For Your Face

 Workout For Your Face
This is not a facial – This a workout for your face! This is how Amazing Space describe their new treatment Amazing Face – Workout. The ultimate workout for your face – much more than a facial treatment, as it provides a full workout for all the facial muscles. I booked a treatment just before Christmas – I love treating myself to facials, treatments or trip to the spa during the holidays – no better way to wind down than some me time at the spa. The treatment is a workout for your face and that’s just what I was looking for. I’m very good at doing face masks, cleansing and doing a peel at home so I like to focus on things like face massage or the fantastic FST treatment I got last time I visited Amazing Space. As any workout, the workout for your face begins with a warm-up by actively stimulating the face, neck and décolleté with twisting, kneading and clapping techniques. When the skin is all warmed up and ready to train, the beautician massages your skin with Eco rubber balls. The rubber balls come in three different sizes, designed to loosen deep lying tensions in the face’s muscular structure. The pressure from the rubber ball goes deeper than a regular hand massage. The training continues with a lifting massage of all the expression muscles with the aforementioned Face Sculpting Therapy – a deep tissue massage of all 97 face muscles, which contour the skin and reduce fine expression lines. This can be quite painful and you might experience headache afterwards – I’m sure that’s just tensions and toxins leaving your body. I had the facial twice last year and the first time was worse than the second time – just means I need to be coming back for more haha.
The next step is an effective low frequency electro therapy that aids in toning the muscles and increase micro-flow, leaving your skin fuller and plumper. My upper lip quivered a bit but no pain at all. After the workout the beauty therapist finishes of the treatment with cooling strokes from an amethyst roller. You can do this at home as well – I have a jade roller and you can find a very good amethyst roller here. You can read more about the workout for your face right here.

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