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Diamond Sheet Mask

Diamond Sheet Mask Mirage48 Excellence Diamond Face And Body Mask.
Ever tried a diamond sheet mask? I’ve tried my share of sheet mask – both budget friendly ones and the more expensive kind, but never a sheet mask infused with skin-illuminating diamond. This mask is truly luxurious and is actually a 2 in 1 product as you can use it in your bath after wearing it on your face. Let the mask sit for a good while and instead of discarding it throw it in your bathtub and let it dissolve. If you don’t have a bath give your self a luxury foot soak. The infusion of diamonds and potent anti-ageing ingredients lifts, tightens and smooths the contours of the face and body, and creates a “soft-focus effect” to visually minimise imperfections. It brightens and softens and leaves your skin looking radiant and luminous. Just what we need during these cold and dark months. It’s a pricey box of three mask, but maybe an idea for a Christmas gift? I also tried this mask from Bioxidea and really liked it. See more about the Bioxidea Mirage48 Excellence Diamond Face & Body Mask here.

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