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Aesop – A Curious Connection

Aesop - A Curious Connection
As last season Aesop has released a selection of seasonal gift kits and A Curious Connection is one of four kits available now in signature stores and online. The gift box contains two complementary favourites from Aesop’s body care series: The aromatic Geranium Leaf Body Cleanser, which provides a refreshing but mild cleansing, and the citrus-based Rind Concentrate Body Balm, moisturizes dry skin and leaves the body soft, smooth and refreshed.

A Curious Connection and the rest of the gift kits for 2018-19, bearing the name ‘Atlas of Attraction’, were designed in collaboration with Dutch fashion designer Iris van Herpen. The collection celebrates human natural attraction to special places, thoughts and people at the end of the year. A celebration of the journeys we embark upon at year’s end, examining what compels us to connect and the methodology behind our attractions.

The products are packed in elegant recyclable boxes wrapped in an elegant cover printed on an Iris van Herpen couture pattern designed specifically for Aesop. The atmospheric graphics that symbolize places and relationships of particular importance are handpicked by the designer himself from her extensive design archive. Spoil yourself or a loved one with a seasonal Aesop kit.

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