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Apot.care Tailor-made Skin Care Solution

Apot.care Tailor-made Skin Care Solution Serum
Apot.care is the new generation of French beauty – inspired by traditional French apothecary. We all love a trip to a French pharmacy and some of the products I started buying on my trips to Paris a decade ago, have become staples in my beauty wardrobe. I cleanse my skin with Bioderma Solution Micellaire every morning and night, love waking up with a spritz of Eau De Beauté from Caudalíe and I never run out of Embryolisse Lait-Crème Concentré.
Apot.care was created by Antoine Le Galloudec and every single product is formulated in Paris and produced in Normandy by a team of experts. They source high quality ingredients and avoid anything that may cause irritation to the skin. Apot.care are committed to the environment and are using 100% recycled paper and minimum paper quantity for their boxes, they are a cruelty free brand and are PETA certified.
Because everyone’s skin is different Apot.care has designed a collection of 10 pure serums to meet your skins needs. You can create a bespoke serum trio and mix these three to give your skin exactly what it needs, when it needs it. On their website you can take a quick test – a skin diagnose which will help you identify your main skin concerns. My test showed a need for Hyaluronic Pure Serum that combines 3 types of hyaluronic acids to work on the different layers of the skin. My second serum is the DMAE Pure Serum that offers powerful anti-ageing properties that helps to diminish the look of fine lines and wrinkles. The third serum, pictured above, is COQ10 Pure Serum, that enhances your skin’s ability to energise and repair itself for firmer, more youthful looking skin. It contains co-enzyme Q10 – a vitamin-like substance that possesses powerful antioxidant and anti-inflammatory properties to protect skin from free radicals. My birthday is coming up and the thought of turning 40 is not that easy, so I’m hoping that my Apot.care Tailor-made Skin Care Solution can make my skin look its best.

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