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Vase Diffuser

Vase Diffuser by Skandinavisk
Skandinavisk recently launched a selection of beautiful vase diffusers. Mouth-blown glass vases with a perfume and natural alcohol blend that comes with three thick rattan reeds. You can use all three reeds og just one that will make the diffuser more minimal. Pour your desired amount of liquid into the vase, place the reeds in the liquid and rotate them weekly to fill the room with fragrance. When you have used up the scented liquid you can reuse as a flower vase. I chose the fragrance Heia for my vase diffuser, a scent inspired by remote wilderness. The rough, exposed terrain in the higher altitude fells of Norway and Sweden – a home to hardy shrubs, wild herbs and berries and fragrant hills of heather. A scent of thyme, heather bearberry and leaf sap. Read more about the vase diffuser here and if you are in Copenhagen, make sure you stop by the Skandinavisk pop-up shop in Magasin – they will be there until Sunday this week. They also have these cute perfume oils that are super easy to carry with you and super easy to apply.

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