Chilly Autumn Days

Firming Antioxidant Body Oil

Organic firming antioxidant body oil from Mádara
This organic firming antioxidant body oil from Mádara will be my companion during these first weeks of fall. A luxurious soft and aromatic vitamin-infused oil, that firms, tones and improves skins elasticity. I’m using my Gua Sha almost everyday and I’m thinking it will be clever to team that routine up with an oil. This oil is especially recommended for use during pregnancy and weight loss and it should help prevent the onset of stretch marks. I’ve started on a new training routine and I hope to get rid of those extra pounds gained from eating out several times every week during this very long summer. So the combination of working out, scraping away with my Gua Sha and then applying this oil will be my new fall beauty routine. You can read more about Mádara Firming Antioxidant Body Oil here.

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Chilly Autumn Days