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 Favourite Items On Display with the new Sammenhang collection from Ikea
Put your favourite items on display with Ikea. I try living a life with less but every time I see something beautiful I have a tendency to bring it home and display it either on my Hay shelf system, on my plinth or one of my many windowsills. I love being surrounded by beautiful trinkets and as long as they fit into my serene space they don’t seem like clutter. If you like to collect pretty stuff, but don’t know what to do with the many items you hoard, you should check out Ikea’s new collection Sammenhang. Sammenhang is a collection of open and closed units ranging from small boxes to pieces of furniture, and is created in collaboration with seven designers. This Sammenhang Tittskåp is designed by Joel and Kate Booy and if I had the space I would love to display my marble mirror from Menu or some of my many favourite objects on this. See more from the Sammenhang collection here.

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