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Jorgobé Hand Cream
Two favourite items at the moment – Jorgobé Hand Cream and a pair of dazzling earrings. Going into the colder months means stocking up on hand cream and I’m trying this one out at the moment. 

The Jorgobé hand cream contains A+E vitamins encased in black pearls, which are activated when applied, immediately providing antioxidant skin protection. The hand cream contains coconut oil and shea butter that soften hands and avocado oil that stimulates the skin’s natural collagen production and jojoba oil which nourishes. The cream absorbs quickly, leaving your hands soft with a powdery feel which means no greasy residue. Jorgobé is a non sticky hand cream that smells amazing.

The beautiful earrings are by Lea Hoyer and are handmade gold plated sterling silver. The unique shape and surface is created by molding sterling silver in water. Stunners sure to turn heads.

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