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15C Reclaimed Wood Chair

 Handmade in Sweden and made from sustainably sourced solid FSC certified oak.The 15C Reclaimed Wood Lounge Chair in rattan and oak by the Kovac Family
The 15C Reclaimed Wood Chair by The Kovac Family already have a waitlist and no wonder. The beautiful lounge chair is carefully handmade in Sweden and made from  from sustainably sourced solid FSC certified oak. A super simple and light chair in aok and rattan would fit perfectly into most minimal Scandinavian homes. I’m not really able to fit more furniture into my home, but this piece is really beautiful so maybe I should let my Eames chair go and replace it with this one. You can see the Eames chair in this very old article about my home in Boligmagasinet.  

The Kovac Family launched in 2012 providing products and services as environmentally friendly as possible. Camilla and Christopher Kovac, the force behind the Swedish based company, put sustainability at the core of everything they do. The products are made in Sweden using sustainable materials and a re sold exclusively in their own showroom and their webshop to avoid traditional retail markups. An ambition to make products with as small impact on the environment as possible. 

Read more about the Kovac’s and shop the 15C Reclaimed Wood Chair here. 

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