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Muti Add. Muti launches two new serums - Calm Down Serum and Vitamin C serum - anti-age face care in minimal packaging
Contains gifted products.

Muti Add – two times new serum from Muti has just hit the beauty shelves. One is ‘Calm Down’ which is perfect for sensitive skin. The mixture of vitamins and minerals alleviates typical signs of stressed out skin. Additionally, it strengthens its barrier function, which provides protection from environmental influences such as UV – damage, dryness and the first signs of ageing. The Calm Down serum has a light consistency which gives sufficient moisture and is absorbed quickly. Skin is left fresh and pores visibly reduced. 

The other ‘Vitamin C’ serum ensures the right glow. It protects the skin from free radicals, thus inhibits the formation of pigment spots – a new thing for me. My freckles are no longer small and cute – but becoming bigger pigment spots. It also provides a more radiant, fresh look. Vitamin C encourages collagen growth and thus prevents the loss of the skin’s elasticity. 

Both are without parabens, silicones, mineral oils, paraffins and fragrances.and as always the packaging is perfection. Minimal and functional. Skincare that looks good and works are without a doubt favourites.

I’m thinking Vitamin C for the mornings and Calm Down for nights. Muti Add all day. I have written about Muti Care before – see my previous posts about Muti Face Care and Muti Sun.

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