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Plinth - a pedestal I use to exhibit some of my favourite interior objects. Here Aesop roomspray and a ceramic vase with dried pampas grass

Meet my new plinth. A simple white podium for exhibiting favourite interior objects.
I have been buying magazines for as long as I can remember and I have a hard time letting go of any of them. With the 11 ish years I worked at Costume Magazine, bringing each issue home with me, I guess you can figure that means a ton of paper stacked up against the walls of my apartment. Literally. But I decided to say goodbye to some of them an instead get a small bench, a console table or a cabinet or something instead. Apparently saying goodbye to paper is a work in progress for me… I have let go of all the old issues of British Vogue and such and only kept the issues of Costume which held an editorial I truly love. Keep in mind I have been buying Costume since issue 1 so I already had a good collection when I started working there. The magazines I can’t seem to let go of, are old issues of The Face, The Gentlewoman & Vogue Paris – the ones that remind me of a specific time, a pretty cover and yes I can go on and on. The journey towards a more minimal and less cluttered home takes a while.

Back to the new piece of furniture I was getting – I didn’t find anything that fit the small space so I instead decided to get a plinth. I saw someone was selling two plinths and wrote her immediately, got on my bike and brought them home. They just needed some paint and now I have one decorating my livingroom and one in my bedroom holding a green plant.

At the moment the plinth in the livingroom holds my roomspray from Aesop – Olous Aromatiqye Room Spray. A blend of citrus botanicals, balanced by breaking waves of Cedar and the refreshing spice of Cardamom that fills the room with aroma for hours. My ceramic vase from Lov in Listed, from the Kadeau collection, that I bought when I visited my friend on Bornholm. A few notebooks and a pretty stone.

The great thing about the podiums is that they are easy to change so you are able to exhibit different pieces of favourite items, I’m thinking a big vase from the Ouur collection would look amazing on it’s own on the pedestal. You can find the Ouur vase on my Instagram here.
I guess it’s not that hard to make your own plinth if you’re a little handy – I’m not – so I was happy someone was done with theirs.

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