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C/RO Collection

If you’re the lucky owner of a balcony or a garden, this is a brand you need to know. C/RO creates quality furniture for in- and outdoor use. The simple and elegant multipurpose items from C/RO are handmade in Sweden of recycled steel and they work for both minimal indoor spaces as well as outside.
The idea and philosophy behind C/RO started in 2016 and was developed by Camilla Rosén – freelance interior architect, designer and owner at Rosén Concept. Rosén specialises in concept development, activity based offices, space planning and interior design and after working with other brands for over a decade, the need for creating something personal started to grow and C/RO was born.
The collection currently features six pieces which of these two are my favorite –
the ‘Sundaybed. Eté,’ a light and airy piece made for daydreaming, and ‘The Chair. Menton’, simple and discrete.
The collection also contains accessories so that you can dress the furniture – you can add a canvas or a leather back to the Menton Chair and same with the daybed – the leather pillow is optional.
I don’t really have enough space to add a daybed to my interior, but the ultra light and minimal chair would be perfect in my bedroom and compliment the colour of the ceiling. I painted it yellow last year, after an inspiring visit to Finn Juhls House. See my yellow ceiling here and check out the C/RO collection here.

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