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You Or Someone Like You

You Or Someone Like You perfume from Etat Libre d'Orange
On the lookout for a new and personal perfume? Etat Libre d’Orange was created by Etienne de Swardt in 2006 and he chose the name to honor his birthplace. In South Africa, Etat Libre d’Orange, the Orange Free State, was an autonomous sovereign republic which declared independence from British rule in 1854. A land of staggering rough beauty. The Orange Free State ended in 1902, but its attitude lives on at Etat Libre d’Orange. Etienne wanted to create a challenging perfumery and envisioned perfumes that were liberated from the norm, flamboyant, innovative and excessive but always delicious. A collection of 34 surprising compositions.

For ’You Or Someone Like You’ Etienne collaborated with Chandler Burr on a fragrance an L.A. woman might wear, and gave it the name of Chandler’s novel, set in Los Angeles. ’You Or Someone Like You’ is a welcoming and contemporary fragrance built around timeless materials. It embodies the women of L.A. – cool and crisp. It is not the ’Scent of L.A.’ or ‘the smell of Hollywood’ and according to Burr the raw materials are completely irrelevant – if you need to know what it’s made of, don’t wear it; You is not for you.
So you should go experience the fragrance on your own – I’ll be wearing it – not knowing what it’s made of.

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