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Frama Studio Store Hamburg

New Frama Studio Store in Hamburg
The Frama Studio Store’s are an eternal source of inspiration for me – no matter the location – everything about the interior is dreamy and I always want to simply copy paste to my own apartment.
The newest space located in Hamburg is made in collaboration with Minimarkt – opened last month and offers the full Frama range, including lighting, furniture, apothecary and accessories.

The storage system ‘Shelf Library’, made from oak and stainless steel, is one of my favourite bookcases – so simple and light. Fastened with solid steel screws on oak rails, the shelves can easily be moved so you are able to re-style the entire bookcase – without having to actually move it. You can also add the ’Shelf Library Desk’ and make the library system a workplace with a little writing desk. The perfect solution for a small home.
The ‘Ventus Pendant’ lamps are a collaboration between Frama and Danish designers Included Middle, in which the traditional pendant cord receives an architectural bend and is capped off by an opal glass bulb, which exudes a warm light. The lamp is a sculpture that I dream of hanging in my living room.
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