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Aveda Awakening Ritual

I like to start my day by dry brushing my face and even though I’ve been very happy with my face brush from Karmameju – I’m now stepping up my game with Aveda. Aveda Tulsara Radiant Awakening Ritual is more than just dry brushing – it’s a ritual.
A daily ritual of facial dry brushing followed by oil massage that nourishes skin, melts away facial tension, giving you a radiant complexion. A modern approach to ancient techniques from Ayurveda – the art of wellness from India. Dry brushing gently exfoliates dry, dull cells from skin’s surface and helps support natural cellular turnover.
You start by inhaling a deep, cleansing breath and exhaling. Next invigorate skin with a dry brush massage, brushing upward and outward in circular motions. Begin at your décolleté and move up to the forehead. Work outward from center. Next, brush in outward and downward sweeping motions, moving from forehead back to décolleté, working outward from center. After brushing warm 4 pumps of the Aveda Oleation Oil between your hands and breathe in the scent. Massage into skin with back-and-forth motions – moving from décolleté and up. Leave the oil for 4 minutes and follow with your regular cleansing routine. This is definitely for mornings where you are not in a rush to get out the door as it takes time and you also want to enjoy waking up like this. So I’ll be switching between my brushes – Karmameju for busy days and Aveda for slow mornings. The perfect self-care combination.

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