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Light And Luxurious Interior

light-luxury-interior_nouvelle-spring-2018I dream of redecorating my bathroom (I need a new ceiling after several water damages – great) and I think two of the lamps by Michael Anastassiades would be a perfect match to the things I have in mind for that space. The Loafer Chair could easily fit into my bedroom and the Fluid Mirror could light up a wall in my kitchen. Interior dreams for a light and bright apartment filled with warm sunlight.

1. Loafer Chair by Space Copenhagen 2. Lamp by Michael Anastassiades 3. Fluid Mirror by Jenny Nordberg 4. Fonts Chair Collection by David Thulstrup 5. Cast Light by Studio Vit 6. PK1 Chair by Poul Kjærholm 7. Rubber Sofa by Guillermo Santomà 8. Vessel by Eric Roinestad

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