Second Skin Eye Mask


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I’m super excited to try this Hybrid Second Skin Eye Mask from M2 Beauté. Everything else I have tried from M2 has become favourites – both the Nano Sprays and the Brow Serum.
The Ultra Pure Solutions Hybrid Second Skin Eye Mask Collagen is intensely moisturising. 92% of the mask is made up of highly concentrated, native collagen, which is almost identical to the structure of human collagen fibres, enables intensive moisture transfer in the skin, and strengthens skin’s own moisture-binding capacity. Spray cleansed skin with the ultra pure alkaline water, place pads under eyes and spray again. Leave for at least 10-15 minutes and remove. The result? Research studies show a 60% improvement of skin moisture levels and a 15% reduction of wrinkle depth. The results were measured after 20 minutes, so just leave the pads there if you have time. More on the second skin eye mask here.

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