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Sisley Hair Rituel

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“Haircare is the new skincare” says Sisley Paris as they are now extending their know-how to hair care, launching their new brand hair Rituel. Designed to care exclusively for the scalp and hair fibre. An effective, sensorial, complete hair care routine to clean, regenerate, fortify and beautify hair every day. Formulated with high concentrations of powerful plant-based active ingredients. The first products I’m giving a go: Revitalising Volumizing Shampoo & Restructuring Conditioner. Brimming with active ingredients, the shampoo promises to pump up the volume from roots to ends. It gently cleans the hair and provides the vitamins and minerals needed for scalp and hair vitality and contains Vitamin B5, B6 & E, Magnesium, Zinc, Shea Oil, Camellia and Hazelnut Oil. The conditioners has a melting texture which makes it easy to apply and coats the hair to smooth its cuticle, increasing shine. Can’t wait to get started on Sisley’s Hair Rituel.

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