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New Year, New You

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A new year often means a million new resolutions. Good thoughts and plans that should be implemented almost as soon as you wake on January 1st. For me January has been filled with work and not a single of my good resolutions came to life. SO – February will work as ‘the first month’ of 2018. I’m going to do a ‘Clean February’ – starting with a cleanse, only eating healthy and cutting out all the nasties, I’ll get back in my running shoes, I’ll be doing yoga and being all good to myself. Vitaviva has made a ‘New Year, New You’ detox package that I have started on – a package containing all the necessary things to make you succeed through a detox process; 15 Day Cleanse, Maintenance Cleanse, Vitamin Multivitamin, Organic Coconut Oil and 3 in 1 Beauty Booster. Want in?
You can win this Detox Package and join me in the the journey towards better sleep, more energy and beautiful skin. All you have to do is go to my Instagram and see how to participate. I will find the lucky winner Thursday February 1st. If you can’t wait to see if you are the lucky one, and just want to get started on the detox, you can buy the package right here with a 15% off by using the code MW15 on checkout. The code is valid until February 9th.

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