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Winter Wishlist // Seraina Silja

Holiday is moments away and that means it’s time for the last Winter Wishlist. Welcome to Seraina Silja. She is a Swiss location – independant hybrid between Art Director and Social Media focused PR Manager, working with design- and lifestyle brands. At the moment she is in Helsinki which is her 12th hometown this year. She wanted to live and work in twelve of the so-called most liveable cities across the globe — one month at a time. After four weeks each in Auckland, Melbourne, Tokyo, Vancouver, Berlin, Budapest, Amsterdam, Copenhagen, Antwerp, Stockholm, and Vienna she is ending 2017 in Finland. She is considering setteling down in Copenhagen, Berlin or Zurich and dreams of a light-filled and charming apartment – any hints hit her up here. Here are her Winter Wishes. Enjoy.

1. Sneakers They 2. Key Rings Karl Zahn 3. Nail Polish Kester Black 4. Chair Eames 5. Kitchen Vipp 6. Belt A.P.C 7. Bag Freitag

I’m a huge fan of white, high-quality sneakers. You can wear them casual or formal, either way, they look great. This version by THEY New York with the subtle gray details in the back could make a difference in early spring!

Living in twelve cities means residing in twelve homes this year. Oh, how I wish I already owned one of these key rings in a black plating with small details in brass. It would have made changing keys twelve times a lot easier.

Back in February, while dwelling in Melbourne, I stumbled upon nail polishes by Kester Black. I fell in love with this most natural light gray colour and loved it so much that I had my nails painted every day. Usually, there is a lot of bad stuff inside the polish, but all Kester Black products are free of chemicals and are therefore good for me – and the planet too.

In Vancouver, I had the pleasure of staying in a renovated loft furnished with two of these plywood chairs by Vitra. They look kind of not comfortable, but it turned out, I spend every free minute relaxing on these wooden gems.

If I could only have one (material) wish, it would probably be a Vipp kitchen. Period.

I never wear belts. But recently no trousers fits me entirely, mainly because I prefer high waisted versions. Therefore I think I have to get used to wearing belts. This classic-looking one from A.P.C. would secretly match my A.P.C Demi-Lune shoulder bag.

I used to borrow this shopper from my younger sister several times because it’s the best (and most useful) grocery-shopping solution ever. And with Freitag’s Swiss roots, it reminds me of my home country on a day-to-day basis. But because every bag is a unique version, I have to wait until I spot the right canvas print.

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