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Winter Wishlist // Jennifer Hagler

It’s the third Friday in December and that means it’s time for another Winter Wishlist. This week we welcome the ever so cool Jennifer Hagler. She is the author of the blog A Merry Mishap and has one of the prettiest Instagram accounts out there. Lot’s of inspiration for your own wishlist as well. Enjoy.

1. Pitcher Hay 2. Painting Benjamin Ewing 3. Chair Muuto 4. Argan Oli The Ordinary 5. Lamp Anna Karlin 6. Sneakers Veja 7. Chair Frama 8. Table Sho Modern

1. There’s just something so alluring about the shape of this pitcher and I have some ceramic vessels but no glass, so this is definitely on my wishlist!

2. A local artist who makes fine art of canvas, I’d love to own a large piece from him.

3. The shape of this chair feels like a fusion of new and old, it’s also incredibly straightforward. We need new dining chairs and I’m considering a set of these.

4. I’ve heard good things about this brand and it’s surprisingly affordable so I want to try all their products!

5. I very recently discovered Anna Karlin but was immediately excited to see her amazing designs, she also makes jewellery!

6. White sneakers are a wardrobe staple and I’m due for a new pair, after wearing Adidas and Vans all Summer I really want this velcro pair by Veja. 

7. Triangolo chair. The perfect accent chair that looks like a metal sculpture but can be used to sit in, the thin frame also helps to offset a room of thick furniture. 

8. Hard to believe this table is carved from mango wood, it’s one of my favourite round tables. 

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