A Perfect Canvas

Sponsored by Imedeen

As you all know I embarked on a 90 days skin challenge with Imedeen, in the hope of fresher looking skin. The dream of a perfect canvas for makeup and to be able to wear less makeup during weekdays, and still feel comfortable in my own skin. I have been taking the dietary supplement ‘Imedeen Time Perfection’ and it did take some time before I could see the difference. But I must say that I’m positively surprised with the results and it was worth the wait. My skin feels less dry – though normally this change in the weather would make it dry, red and slightly irritated – but none of that. I can see the difference around my eyes where I feel the crows feet are less prominent than before. I still need to eat healthy, sleep and drink tons of water but besides those basics – Imedeen has really helped my skin look its best. Wanna try? Shop the tablets here and read more on here.

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