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I love sheet masks. It’s as simple as that. They are super easy to use and most of them make quite a visible difference to tired skin. I have tried a lot of different ones and always bring home new ones from abroad – none of my friends travel to Asia without coming home with sheet masks!
The newest in my beauty cabinet are these ones from Starskin. Starskin creates lifting lace masks, pore cleansing strips, plumping lip masks and much more. I’m trying:
The mint green is a balancing mask for blemishes, visible pores and redness. It calms skin and cools irritated skin and minimizes pores. Perfect when the weather is humid.
The pink is purifying mud sheet mask with pink clay, that cleans blocked pores without drying the skin (it contains natural silk cocoon extract that softens). Apply, leave for 20 minutes, lift and rinse.
The yellow one is a not a sheet mask, but a pre-dosed peeling puff. After cleansing, open sachet and sprinkle a few drops of water inside to create a rich lather by gently squeezing the puff. Gently rub entire face for 2-3 minutes and rinse, You can you the puff 3 times – simply store in sachet and add water next time you need a good rinse. Check out the world of Starskin here.

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