Lavender & Lemon

The essential oils from Sard Kopenhagen has a variety of purposes and last a long time as you only need a few drops. The lavender oil is relaxing to the senses and is know for its soothing and calming effect. It reduces redness and irritation of the skin if used as facial care. You can add it to a fragrance less body oil or your preferred face cream. If you have trouble sleeping add a few drops to your pillow case – I have done this the last couple of days and besides my bedroom being filled with the amazing scent of lavender, I have slept like a baby.
Lemon oil has an antibacterial and cleansing effect and is suitable for oily / acne prone skin. Mix it with a base oil – it then also works as a natural mosquito repellant. Only add a few drops – around 10-15 drops to 100 ml oil. You can also mix the lemon oil with old-fashioned vinegar and use it as a fabric softener. Healthy for the environment and your towels will smell super fresh.

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