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I have added a new scent to my perfume library. Orbi_tal from Nomenclature. Nomenclature was conceived in New York by Karl Bradl and Carlos Quintero with a focus on molecules. Lab-designed fragrances that celebrate synthetics. Elegant solutions discovered by scientists.
The scent is hard to describe to say the least. Also it evolves differently on skin. The main molecule is Orbitone, that is said to make perfume blends light as clouds. Violet, rhubarb, pepper, cedar and roast coffee. Tobacco, smoke and a whiff of struck match. But you should go try all four fragrances and see how they smell on you.
The beautiful bottle, a tribute to the chemistry labs where aromatic compounds are designed, is boxed in a cardboard “shell” that folds around the bottle like origami, held together by a white paper sleeve. No ink, no colours – just white. The sleeve is adorned with a metallic logo and debased with a molecule design. The sprayer on the bottle can be unscrewed, so that the bottle may be repurposed. Perfect for a simple white flower.

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