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beauty essentials // october


I’ve rounded up 6 products I have been trying the last month or so. It’s getting cold and my skin and my hair is acting up and my teeth needs an overhaul after increasing my coffee intake the last few weeks. So these are October life savers at my place.

For when you’re feeling dry ( like every day…)  – the dreamy creamy Mouisturizing Moon Mask from Glossier. Followed by Grown Alchemist Hydra-Mist with peptides, hyaluronic acid and antioxidants.

The short days makes me look tired so I have added some vitamin A to my skin routine. Wrinkles away please. Every morning and every night before bed; Vitamin A Eye Cream from Beauté Pacifique.

Cold weather and Scandi hair has never been a win. So after washing my hair ( only once or twice a week), I apply Volu Hair Mist from Davines to add volume. My hair is super fine all year round, but during fall it becomes even more limp, so it needs some help. This contains keratin – a filler for split ends. Gimme some magic please.

My teeth are getting the royal treatment with Swiss Smile Diamond Glow toothpaste, that contains one carat diamond particles, that gently whitens and smoothes. After brushing I apply the Pearl Shine Dental Conditioner. It’s a foam with whitening effect that you leave on during the day. Pearly whites coming up for Christmas.

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