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Egg Pore

As you know I’m sort of obsessed with K Beauty so I brought a plastic egg back from L.A. TonyMoly Egg Pore. They just launched in Sephora so now you can get your hands on them in Europe as well. The white egg is a Blackhead Steam Balm – a self-heating balm that removes dirt and oil within minutes to prevent blackheads. Infused with vitamin E, charcoal powder and sea salt – and – yes – egg. Egg shell powder and egg yolk extract that hydrate the skin. The other a tightening Cooling Pack. A powerful cooling pack that tighten even quail egg-like big pores. Close and tighten pores by naturally lowering the temperature on your skin. Easy. Do the white one first to get rid of nasties and the follow with the cooling pack. Read much more about the Tonymoly eggs here
Tonymoly egg pore.png

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